Learn About the Lady…

The only people who will read this are my ex's, but for anyone else who find themselves intrigued—

I am a NYC artist who is living proof that telling stories can change lives. Hailing from Detroit, I didn’t discover performing until moving to NYC as an adult.  It was here that I was able to learn about what I had to offer through tackling characters who are stronger, funnier, and braver than me. 

As a lover and deep believer of new work, I have helped developed over 30 brand new shows including my own solo show series and full length play. With a serious sense of humor, I continue a healthy circuit of stand up, musical improv/team improv shows in my tool box and most recently developed the skill set and love for classical texts.

I am a Meisner based actor, who believes in physical theater. I love people and especially other actors, making me a true ensemble team player. I have a loud laugh, a few too many tattoos, a size 9 shoe, and I can’t wait to meet you.

Special Skills

Music and Dance:
Beginning piano & drums; Basic hip-hop/ballet

Center stage:
Stand up comedy; Hosting/emcee

WWE training; Actor combatant in hand-to-hand, rapier/dagger, staff, and broad sword; Boxing; Soccer; Swimming; basic pole work

Cockney, standard British, Palestinian, Eastern European, Bronx/Brooklyn/Jersey, Latina

For Fun:
Motorcycle license; US Passport
Can fall asleep anywhere
Will eat anything