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The War and Walt Whipple

Regional Theater Show in West Springfield, MA at the famous Majestic Theater

Comedy/Drama PREMIERE PRODUCTION • November 1 – December 9, 2018

Danny Eaton's newest play is a nostalgic story inspired by events from his own family history. Walt and Alice Whipple had four sons. They were, it could be said, an "all-American" family. When World War II broke out, sons Hank, Bill, and Ricky immediately joined the services. Teddy, the youngest son, remained, chomping at the bit to join up and do his part. Before they shipped out overseas, the other boys each married and sent their new wives back to spend the duration of the war with Walt and Alice, turning the house upside down and giving rise to the saying handed down through the generations: that "Walt Whipple was damn lucky to survive the war!" The War and Walt Whipple is a loving and moving look back at a different time in America.

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